What kind of pictures do we need for Drawing and Painting classes?

Pictures of movie characters, cartoons, animals, pets, your sport of choice, fantasy creatures, favorite food or drink and favorite animals. All in color if possible printed or whatever you might have with the image you want on it like a folder, calendar, or use your phone to reference.
*Example images for one child: Grut from Gaurdians of the Galaxy, Hello Kitty, my dog Jack, a unicorn and the Stanley Cup. (Big variety)
*Images to avoid: Pictures of people/family and portraits can be a challenge especially for our younger students!

Where do I buy bakable clay?

There are two main brands Sculpty and Fimo both are great and when baked become permanent little sculptures! Michael’s and Joanne Fabric’s carry the clay. (use the 40% off coupons to save) Get an assortment of colors that your child likes! (10 or more)
Bring the clay in a large zip lock baggy with your child’s name on it and remember to take home all extra clay after the art show on Friday it will be on a table in the hall entry.

What to bring for the mini-recycled class?

1. One bag/box of clean dry recycling items that can be used for construction.
2. Good examples of bottles and containers are soft drink bottles, orange juice containers, Utz pretzel bin, detergent, fabric softener, Gatorade, plastic items, 2 liter bottles, battery operated lights and or sound items, old plastic toys/parts old computer key boards/ parts, decorations.
3. Items to avoid pop cans, glass of any kind, milk containers of any kind, water bottles.

Food to pack?

1. All-day students pack a lunch every day as well as a small snack for morning and afternoon and a water bottle with your child’s name on it.
2. Morning only children are welcome to stay for lunch from 12-12:30.
3. Afternoon only children are welcome to attend lunch, arrive at 11:50 to check-in and lunch is from 12-12:30.

What time to arrive?

Arrive Monday at 8:30 to check in!

When is the Art Show on Friday?

Art Show Friday from 2-3! All family is invited!  Refreshments will be served!

Where is the camp located?

The camp is located at the main lodge at the Scott Municipal Park. It is situated just above the pool clubhouse at 301 Lindsay Road, Carnegie, PA 15106

What are the ages?

The camp is designed for campers between the ages of 5 and 12