We offer a full 1 week experience at Summer Art Week.  For that week, you can choose to attend any of these options:

  • All Day (morning & afternoon class) – 9am to 3pm
  • Morning class only – 9am to noon
  • Afternoon class only – 12:30 to 3

Scroll down to view details about each class.

All Day session

The all-day class combines both the morning and afternoon classes and is discounted to cover all 5 days.

Cost for the all day session: $220 – Virtual rate: $180  |  Register here

Morning Classes, 9am to noon:

Description Supplies needed
Drawing, sketching and use of colored pencil If you love to draw and sketch and want to learn the basics and expand your current skill them this is the class for you! Day 1 will be drawing life items, day 2 drawing organic items including fruits and vegetables, day 3 under the sea, shell drawing, Day 4 and 5 Draw what YOU want! If you choose to do draw what you want any other day you may! Just bring in pictures/items that you want to draw. 3-4 pictures/print outs/items your child would like to draw or paint!
Canvas/Slate & Wood Painting Workshop If you love to paint then you will love this painting class! Each child will get various items to paint on and if they choose not to paint on 1 item then they can choose something else or even bring in something from home! We will do a drawing of something YOU love then we will paint it! The sky is the limit here! 3-4 pictures/print outs of things your child enjoys or wants to paint.

Cost for AM only session: $120 – Virtual rate: $100|  Register here

Afternoon Class Schedule, 12:30-3pm

Class description Supplies Needed
Clay & Ceramics! We will be working with clay and creating cool projects! You can choose to make anything you want! Dinosaurs, butterflies, volcanoes, or whatever you want! You are going to love the new variety of items we create this year that will be perfect for even our youngest students! This year we will be painting 3-Dimensional ceramics! Ceramic pieces are one of a kind so we hope your child will choose an item they will love. A pack of bakable Scultpy clay 12 colors or more
Mini-Recycled Art Workshop! We are going to be building cool recycled MINI- Recycled CREATURES this year! We will need one shopping bag full of small and detailed recyclables! Lids, small plastic bottles, caps, unique plastic parts and any other safe items that will fit into one shopping bag will help us build a cool recycled bot! You can create dogs, cats, unicorns, dragons or a cool robot of your choice! We will be spray painting this year so gear up for fun! 1 large bag of cool plastic items, nothing too big and we need sturdy items. Juice containers, crystal light containers, buttons, small heavy boxes, apple sauce containers, thick water bottles, Pringle cans, clean dry cans, sturdy odd shaped items of any kind. Think plastic recyclables… no GLASS please. We use spray paint in this class. We wear plastic gloves, dr. masks and goggles, if want to send any of these items in with your child for them and or the group it is much appreciated.

Cost for PM only session: $120 – Virtual rate: $100 |  Register here


  • Save money and opt for the full-day experience!
  • For those staying for the whole day, we offer a supervised lunch at the playground between 12-12:30.  Just be sure to pack their lunch.

Friday – ART SHOW – 4pm

  • This is where each child will have their own area to display their work from the week!
  • ALL ARE WELCOME! Invite Gram, pap, uncles, aunts, moms and dads to celebrate your beautiful creations!!!
  • Refreshments will be served.